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Custom Lapel Pins
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We can create a wide variety of Custom Lapel Pins for your events! Many techniques and applications are available to create just the look you want! Review just a handful of our great options below and give us a call to find out more!

Die Struck Soft Enamel Custom Lapel Pin

Die Struck Soft Enamel Pins

These pins are die struck from brass or iron, filled with PMS matched soft enamel, and plated in your choice of finish. The result is a high quality pin at a lower cost than Cloisonne. Color filled areas can be left recessed, or the pin can be coated with a clear epoxy dome to enhance and protect the finished area.

Cloisonne Custom Lapel Pin

Cloisonné Pins
New Cloisonne pins (also called imitation hard enamel) are die-struck and then filled with a high-tech resin to simulate the look of a traditional Cloisonne pin. With this process, we can match PMS colors. Each pin is hand finished, plated and polished resulting in a glossy smooth jewelry quality finish.

Express Mylar Custom Lapel Pin

Express Mylar Pins
Express custom Mylar pins are a great option for art with up to 5 spot colors that require imprint on gold or silver background. Holographic backgrounds are also available to give your pin that unique look.

Die Struck Custom Lapel Pin

Die Struck Pins
Die Struck pins offer sharp detail and relief that gives them a classic appearance. Sandblasting, brushing, and other textures provide contrast with the highly polished raised metal areas. Manufactured in your choice of brass or iron material.

**Please allow 4-6 weeks for order processing of Custom Lapel Pins.