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Tips for Designing a Truly Memorable Plaque 

Smaller and more elegant than a standard trophy, a commemorative plaque is a wonderful way to give someone outstanding a way to display their success anywhere they choose. Whether it’s displayed in their home or office, you want the person who receives your recognition to be proud of both their achievement and the plaque that represents it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing one plaque or a whole team’s worth, each plaque should be a quality representation of your appreciation. A rushed and badly designed plaque tells the recipient that it wasn’t a top priority, minimizing the message of the award.

Here are a few plaque design ideas that will ensure that your award is cherished for years to come.

Who Is The Honoree?

If the plaque is intended for a specific person, get to know them, find out if they have a favorite quote or even a nickname they may prefer. If you already know them well, or can get suggestions from those who do, include a special statement just for them.

Most plaque makers offer a wide selection of figurines and emblems that can be added to give your plaque more of a personal touch. A personalized plaque is much more meaningful than a generic one.

If the recipient is still unknown, or if it’s going to be a prize for a later event perhaps, a more generic inscription that specifically states the type of achievement is fine. What’s important is that the inscription be unique to the person, the achievement, or both.

What Is It For?

The reason for the award should be clear and specific. For example, if it’s a first place plaque, it should state the exact event the recipient received first place and the date. If the recipient of the award will be decided later, this will probably comprise most of the information on the plaque. 

If you already know who the plaque is for, be sure that the reason for presenting it to them is clear. This can be included in your personalized inscription or as an additional note of appreciation.

When Will You Need It?

Normal production time for a high quality is at least a week, longer for larger orders, so plan ahead. Rush service is usually available for an additional fee. It’s best to have your inscriptions and details planned out before contacting an award provider. Last minute changes are costly and may delay production.

Commemorative plaques are a classic for a reason, and with some extra thought and care your plaque can be treasured momentos. If you have an event coming up or someone outstanding you want to recognize with the perfect commemorative plaque, contact us to get started.