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Football Trophies

Our football trophies are a great way to promote the spirit of one of the nation’s most highly revered team sports.

At Suburban Custom Awards, we offer all kinds of trophies at great prices. Choose from our exclusive collection of football prizes to recognize your winner, ashese trophies are a classic way to reward your league champion for a season of excellence.

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Football awardsFootball Awards

Nothing tops off a great year better than a bona fide winner claiming a triumphant prize to show their dominant glory.

Here a few different types of trophies that may suit the occasion:

Old-fashioned Trophies—We offer a large variety of traditional-styled trophies so you can award your winning team with the prize they deserve. We have tall cups, as well as shorter awards that may be better suited for individual accomplishments.

Our traditional trophies typically have a resin base, with some variations being die-casted in order to give an extra bit of shine to add to the trophy’s beauty.

Crystal and Acrylic—If you are going for a classier, more delicate look, try one of our crystal or acrylic awards to show your recognition. Our crystal and acrylic awards add a level of elegance to your prize so your winner not only revels in the glory of a significant win, but also is presented with air of sophistication.

Bobbleheads—Are you looking for an award option that is a little more outside the box? We offer bobbleheads so you can award a prize that keeps on entertaining for years after the championship has been won. With a spring action head, our football bobblehead stands out as a unique and fun award choice to end your season.


Wooden Plaques—If you need space for a longer inscription than trophies have to offer, try our selection of traditional plaques to show off your winner’s accomplishments.

We offer a wide variety of plaques so you can find the right award for the situation. Some of our plaques feature a customized logo, while others showcase a football helmet or other football-related themes.

Stand-up Plaques—While most plaques require a wall in order to display your award, our stand-up plaques can stand on their own for use on a mantel, counter or shelf. These plaques feature a small figurine and allow plenty of room for recognition text so your winner can feel special throughout the year.

Fantasy Football Awards

Football season paves the way for the creation of various fantasy football leagues offering either a large sum of money or a trophy for a prize.

Trophy—We offer several different kinds of fantasy football trophies to suit your league’s need. From classy styles to humorous selections, Suburban has the award that will make your armchair quarterback smile with delight.

Perpetual Award—If your office or organization makes fantasy football an annual tradition, showcase your yearly winners with our fantasy football perpetual award trophy. With this trophy, you can list your winners for twelve years worth of fantasy football league champions, or merely list twelve different individual achievements. Topped by a football player sitting in an armchair, our fantasy football trophy allows for graphics, logos and unlimited text to recognize your fantasy winners.

Other awards

Medals—Everyone is a winner with our assortment of football medals. Our 2-inch medals come with a 32 inches of neck ribbon so you can wear your prize with pride. The ribbons come in a variety of colors so you can represent your team through your team’s colors.

Cases—Need to preserve your game-winning ball? At Suburban, we offer cases to keep your important pigskin safe from dust and dirt, as well as can protect from scratches, dents or other forms of damage your football may encounter. These cases are also great for protecting an autographed football and allow the possibility for display so you can show off your football for all to see!

Lapel Pins—Make your whole team feel like a winner no matter the score with our football lapel pins. These pins are inexpensive choices to make your players feel special throughout the season.

Get Your Award Today!

At Suburban Custom Awards, we are committed to providing the best prizes for your football award ceremony. Our wide variety of trophies, plaques and medals have the right touch to make your winner feel special and accomplished. Let us take care of your football trophy needs. Take a look at our online inventory to find your perfect award today

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