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How Trophies Are Made

Large Gold Trophy Cup with InsertNo trophy is more intriguing to the music and entertainment industry than the Grammy Award. Every year, music makers from around the world will converge in Los Angeles to participate in one of North America’s biggest award shows. The iconic figure of this spectacle isn’t always the performances and accolades, but the Grammy Award itself. The Grammy, short for gramophone, has been the highly coveted symbol for the music industry since 1958. With Kanye West, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce and Pat Metheny receiving nearly 100 Grammys among themselves , it is surely worth asking, how are trophies made?

While most of us won’t be winning a beautiful Grammy Award anytime soon, there are other professional, social and civic accomplishments that will grant the need of a trophy to commemorate a job exceptionally well done. What is the first step in making a trophy? Read on for more.

Design & Planning

A trophy maker takes much time into building a trophy, especially for custom builds for specific signature events and achievements. Each section of the award is assembled separately. The pieces typically include the base, column(s), riser and figurine. The award starts with a base, the foundational structure in which the trophy sits. Next, the design team will help create a figurine, the most memorable aspect of the award, in which for the Grammys, the gramophone is the iconic figurine, noticeable for all to admire.


Molding machines are now the contemporary go-to method of making a trophy, when in previous times; moldings were always made by hand. The Grammy is a trophy that is actually still made from a handmade mold, but most conventional or bulk trophies are created with the help of modern technology. Custom awards can be made in various ways, depending on your budget.


Trophies are often coated with a final finish to the preference of the client or customer. There are various types of finishes from inexpensive coatings to even gold-plated finishes for premium trophies. There are various options for you to select for your custom trophy, all of which will be durable, long lasting and elegant.


After all of the components have been manufactured and assembled, the fun part can begin. Engraving can be done by hand, or laser engraved for added precision and clarity. On most trophies, especially that of the Grammy, engraving is done on a separate plate, that is then affixed to the actual trophy. What your trophy will look like shall vary, but its all a matter of preference.


Before the trophy is finalized, it must endure strenuous testing to guarantee durability and longevity at the hands of the owner. Trophies are awards that can last a lifetime, so trophy makers and award shops want to make sure their product is not only made to last, but is of highest craftsmanship and care.

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