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Identification is an important security measure to uphold at any large and/or customer facing business. It is imperative to have the ability to quickly identify employees and staff to prevent unauthorized access or intrusion into private or confidential areas. For many businesses, custom name badges are the first step to a safer workplace. Connect more closely with customers and other employees with custom name badges in different shapes and sizes. Stand out with color text or badges and even add your company’s logo!

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2 Signs Wall Bracket
2 Sign Wall Bracket
2 Sign Wall Bracket
Bracket available in Gold & Black

5 Reasons to Use Name Badges

  •  Establish Corporate Identity

Suburban offers name badge options with the opportunity to add your corporate logo for added branding. Build your corporate identity with custom name badges and show off your company clearly and professionally.

  •  Maintain Professional Security Standards

Security is a primary concern for all business owners. The knowledge of who is coming and going from your business could prove to be vital information in the event of any catastrophic emergency or public incident.

  • Customers Identify Employees

Ever been inside of a store or other place of regular business and did not know who worked there? Don’t have your customers wondering who is on staff. Custom name badges help improve customer service

  • Employees Identify Employees

In large companies, it’s often a challenge to differentiate who’s who from a sea of colleagues. Name badges make it easier for employees to identify and acknowledge each other, helping to build camaraderie and team morale.

  • Create Conversation

One of the most important reasons service employees are required to wear nametags is to help provide accountability, as customers are aware of who they are speaking with at the onset of meeting. In addition, customers will be able to build a better rapport with your employees.

Many businesses including restaurants, hotels, retail, transportation businesses and other service industries don’t require a name badge so much for security, but for easy identification to build rapport with customers. Employees wearing a nametag are easy stand out among guests or other customers and enable service inquiries to be more directed and specific.

Custom name badges are critical tools for raising your brand value and improving upon the communication within several employees and departments in a big organization. Suburban offers name plates & badges for business, promotional, and security purpose. Contact us today with your custom badges requirement.

Suburban Name Badges Are:

  • Professional
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Fully customizable

Each of our name badges come with your own customization options with up to 3 lines of engraving. Select the color you would like on you name badge with choice of an optional magnet for added versatility!  Contact us today to learn more about how you an order a set of name badges for your team. We can also help with individual badge replacements and other special orders of any size.