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Picture Framing

Atlanta's Premier Frame Shop since 1964

Custom Framing Jezebel Framed Cover and Article
We employ a staff of highly trained design professionals who are able to turn an ordinary object into an extraordinary work of art.  Whether it’s a $5 print or a priceless piece of family memorabilia we have a design that is perfect.  With over 900 mouldings & mats to choose from, we work with you to create the design that’s just right.

Corporate Services
From interior designers to property managers to marketing managers - we value your business. Your work environment reflects who your company is & what its employees are about. We will work within your budget & address your needs to create the ambiance you’re looking to communicate. We offer special pricing, delivery, free consultations and other services. Let us help you look good to your boss or client.

Wall Art and Posters 
Liven up your walls!  We can make any print look like it was just meant to be in your home or office.  If you aren't sure of what you are looking for, search our database with 1,000's of prints that you can buy on line. Wall Art & Posters

Framed Memories
Jim Kelley Framed Jersey

From the superstar’s autographed jersey & ticket stubs from the big game, to invitations & other wedding day keepsakes, to your degree and tassel, We can produce the Framed Memory you’re looking to proudly display. You can’t enjoy all of those fantastic family memories that are in a box in your attic. Bring them in and let us show you how to relive those memories.

Photo and Restoration Services

We understand that your photos are worth remembering and your paintings worth preserving. This is why we provide a network of professionals that will restore and/or retouch your treasured possessions.

Damaged and dated photos can be made to look new again. Once the improvements to your piece have been made, our professionals can then transfer the image to canvas or archival materials that are ready to frame.