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Softball Trophies

Award your softball team or even just the softball player themselves with our assortment of trophies, plaques and awards. We feature a wide range of different trophy styles and materials so you have the perfect prize for your winner. Here a few of the different softball trophy styles we offer:

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Softball Awards

Whether you want to recognize one player or the whole team, we have the awards that will make them feel special about their accomplishments and hard work. Some of our trophies feature a softball player in action, while others show a picture on a plate to show the power of the game.

Basic Softball Trophies

We have trophies of different shapes and sizes to offer different levels of praise. We have the traditional tall trophies to celebrate an entire team, while others are smaller to highlight individual accomplishments.

Great collection of softball awards and trophies.
Softball Bat Trophies

Does your team have the batting champ of the league? Celebrate your slugger with one of our softball-bat trophies, representing the very tool that made your champ successful. These trophies are tall, majestic and feature a bat as the pedestal for the award.

Golden Glove Awards

Recognize your player’s stellar defensive prowess with our very own golden glove award. This 4-inch glove sits upon its pedestal to highlight any Andrelton Simmons-like defensive accomplishment.

Crystal and Acrylic Awards

Need an award that shows a little extra class? Our selection of crystal and acrylic awards will provide the additional sophistication you desire for your winner.

Bobbleheads and Other Fun Awards

If you are looking for fun prizes to give to your players, look no further than our bobbleheads and spinning softball awards.

These awards are designed to keep you entertained for the years to come, even after the championship glory is over. Our spring-action bobbleheads are always an enjoyable selection, as the helmet-clad softball bounces around with the motions.

We also have a selection of spinning and swinging balls that offers opportunities for your award to not just be a beautiful centerpiece, but a prize to be played with for years.


Looking for a basic prize without all the pizzazz of a trophy? We also offer plaques that are simple, while still showing an amount of elegance.

Here are a few examples of our plaque variety:

Wooden Plaques

Our wooden plaques feature a golden softball or a collection of different softball mainstays, as well as fifty characters of engraved text to recognize your specific player or team. Our plaques are good choices for awards in the event you don’t want a bulky prize, but still want to make your players feel special.

Stand-up Plaques

Not only do we have traditional plaque selections, we also offer stand-up variations in order to add extra flare to your award. Our stand-up plaques feature a player figurine, along with a nameplate that can support up to six lines of text to support your player or team.

Other Team Awards


Make your whole team feel like they hit a home run with our wide variety of softball medals. We offer generic participation medals as well as softball-related versions that will appeal to the winner in all of us. Our medals come with customizable neck ribbons so you can represent your team and their colors at any time.

Lapel Pins
Show off your softball pride with our lapel pins. These pins can be clipped to your players’ uniforms to add a sense of togetherness for your team. The pins showcase a gold-colored softball with the word “softball” stretched across the pin.

Get Your Softball Trophy Today

No matter if you need a large-scale trophy for the winning team or if you need medals for every member of your team, we have the award that fits your needs. Let your stars know that they are special with one of our awards.

Visit our online inventory to see our wide assortment of awards to find the prize meets your expectations. Check out our award selection today!